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Managed Services Provider

Viruses, data recovery, and network failures hinder productivity and cost you money. ESSN Managed Services are designed to head off technology challenges before they occur. Our proactive, monitored strategy enables your business to increase productivity and lower expenses, empowering you to do what you do best. We focus on you so you can focus on your business.


Keeping your network up and running begins with solid network design. Our experienced team of technology experts will design, manage, and monitor your network for safety, efficiency, and functionality. Contact us for a consultation.


Cyber attacks can hold a business captive. We understand that protecting your data is a 24/7 operation. Using the latest encryption technology, ESSN works to protect your network and keep your data secure so that cyber criminals will seek easier targets.

Most viruses & malware sneak in undetected and only get discovered when it’s too late. Our virus protection program is designed to see the things you don’t see, detect the things you never noticed. We employ a strong defense that ascertains and eliminates threats before they are able to take over your system.

We depend on technology. Losing data can be crippling to a business. ESSN has the skills and resources to recover lost data and often repair it as well. But just in case… we recommend a well-thought- out data backup strategy to prevent the worst from happening. ESSN can design and implement a backup system to ensure your valuable data is rarely, if ever, truly lost.

Effective virus protection and proactive hardware maintenance requires vigilance. Frequent scanning and monitoring of hardware resources helps to prevent invasive cyber crime as well as detecting potential data failure before it happens.

On-Demand Services

We are pleased to offer many of the same services we provide our Managed Services clients on an on-demand basis. On-demand services do not provide the same preventative peace of mind, but are offered here a la carte.

Virus Removal

Viruses can render your computer or network virtually useless until removed. We remove Trojan viruses, malware, spyware, and worms on a daily basis. Contact us for help right away!

Data Recovery & Transfer

We recover data from hardware failure and cyber attacks. Or if you simply need help moving data from an old computer/system to a new one, we’re here to help.

Our technicians are experts at diagnostic troubleshooting to get to the root of the problem quickly. We’ll have your wired or wireless network back up and running in no time.

ESSN Technicians also can assist you with troubleshooting or installing all types of printers both USB and networked. Have an iPad and want to print? We can help you set that up as well with the new ePrint enabled printers.

Can’t send emails? Is your In-Box empty for no reason? Having trouble setting up your email to begin with? ESSN is your email efficiency service provider. Our trained technicians will diagnose the problem and get your system back on track.

When it comes to your data, no one cares more than ESSN. We can custom tailor a backup solution to protect your valuable data in case of a hard system crash or virus attack.

Let ESSN design a safe and reliable network to fit your needs. From the simple to the complex, every solution is custom-designed to meet your specifications.

Want to learn more about computers? We offer both on-site as well as remote tutoring sessions for everything from the simplest of task to the more complex concepts. ESSN Technicians will access your current skill sets and show you how to improve upon them or become a more advance user than you already are. We are not link most IT firms in the industry, we truly enjoy educating our clients.

Tech Set-up & Device Repair

Just bought a new iPad, Droid, Laptop or any new piece of technology and need assistance setting it all up and configuring it to meet your specific needs?  We can help you!  Schedule an on-site support session to setup your new gadgets in the comfort of your own office.
Has your Laptop, Desktop or mobile devices stopped functioning properly?  We can help you fix all of your technical problems, from hardware to software related issues.


– Computer Hardware / Software
– System Audits

– Structured Network Cabling
– Server Installation & Management
– Network Installation & Management
– Onsite & Remote Assistance

About Us

Enterprise Server, Storage & Networking was founded in 2017 to service the ever changing technology landscape for  businesses as well as residential clients.


Service Coverage

We are based in New Minas, NS and have no limitation to areas of serviceability. We have customers in Scotland, USA, China & New Zealand.

Phone : (902) 417-1777

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